Two people using the face mask to stop the spread of the swine flu virus.

The swine flu virus is a highly contagious virus and various precautions should be taken to help prevent you from catching the virus. The precautions are very simples ones too. Some of them include making sure you wash your hands regularly with soap and water and cleaning dirty surfaces on a constant basis. Carrying tissues to cover your mouth and nose for when you cough and sneeze as the virus is airborne. Once done with the tissue, always dispose of it as the tissue can be a new home to the virus. As seen in many Asian countries the use of a mask is a much spoken way to stop the virus from spreading. It provides a barrier to stop the entry of the virus into the body by the mouth or nasal passages. However speculation about the use of these masks has also been talked about as a person may infect themselves if they touch the outer portion of their own mask. Lastly, if you are confirmed with the swine flu a very simple but smart way to stop the spreading of the virus is to stay at home.
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Cris Perez