Global map illustrating cases of the swine flu pandemic.

According to the global map statistics as of May 20th 2009 the recordings of the swine flu are of follows: Mexico is the epicentre of the swine flu pandemic recording 72 swine flu deaths and a further 3,648 confirmed cases of swine flu. The United States of America having 5,469 confirmed cases with 6 deaths. Canada reporting 496 confirmed cases and only the one death confirmed. Clearly North America is the continent being most affected by the swine flu as of may this year. As for closer to home, Australia and New Zealand reporting 10 confirmed cases of swine flu between the two. Africa is the only continent to not be affected at all by the swine flu.

Andy Lau, Virus (A) H1N1 Swine influenza flu: WHO world map cases and deaths report 2009, 2009, Available: <http://cash-make-money-online.net/virus-a-h1n1-swine-influenza-flu-who-world-map-cases-and-deaths-report-2009/> (1 October 2009)

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Cris Perez